How to eat healthily every day? Enjoy healthy products!

Many people want to start a healthy diet, but the constant pressure of time prevents them from taking specific actions and breaking their unhealthy eating habits. Where to start? What products should be included in the daily menu, in order to eat healthily and at the same time choose them consciously? For a start, it’s important to make a gradual change in nutrition so that the body gets the chance to get used to it. To start with, it is a good habit to change the amount of food you eat: change them to five modest meals. Take particular interest tomatoes when building healthy habits, as they contain a very high amount of lycopene, distinguished by antioxidant functions. Consuming large quantities of vegetables daily will provide you with not only the necessary nutrients and many valuable vitamins, but also more energy every day.

Functional food mainly consists of consuming a large amount of natural products, such as e.g.: Soya, which contains phytosterols, saponins, phytic acid, as well as isoflavones. This product category also includes cranberry juice, which prevents the formation of serious urinary system diseases, and helps with the proper functioning of the bacterial flora. What other products should you find on your shopping list? It’s black and green tea, which have strong antioxidant properties. Also worth adding to the list are corn oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, as they are the source of beta-sitosterols and help to overcome hypercholesterolemia.