The principles of healthy nutrition for everyone

What is healthy eating today? Definitely not a myth! If you properly prepare for conscious and healthy eating – you will never go down this road again! First of all, it’s important to think carefully about your daily habits. How do they look? What do you want to change in them to get better nutrition? Pay special attention to the way you prepare your meals, the pace of their consumption, and the snacks you eat every day. Instead of caloric chips, it’s worth replacing them with something much more valuable, such as pieces of fruit or raw vegetables that will provide you with essential nutrients rather than empty calories. In the first week of work you can develop a meal preparation habit in which you will use at least two whole veggies. This is a particularly important habit, because you will start liking to eat vegetables and at the same time you stick to this principle. A slice of cucumber or fresh tomato is unfortunately not everything, so remember this.

The second week of a healthy diet consists in overcoming a very bad habit. Namely, giving up the sweet, carbonated drinks and artificially coloured supermarket juices, which you can easily replace with green tea and even herbs. Drinking them is especially important for the digestive tract, and also helps you take care of your immunity. This stage is especially important for your body, which will need several weeks to be better prepared for testing other herbs.